SARB Interior  & Furniture's  is one of the renowned  Interior company. It was established to provide best services. Our Interior Design services create innovative custom interiors not only for selected market sectors, including financial, entertainment, high-tech and corporate office environments but also for residential. Our commitment to defining the workplace leads us to identify the most efficient use of space for corporate and individual client needs and to develop a visual ambiance that reflects each client’s core values. Whether you are considering a new build, renovation, expansion or relocation, our team of architects, interior designers and space planners works closely with you to define, develop and realize an environment that fosters your office or home productivity and enhances environment that work with you. We are also a Furniture Manufacturer, we are producing teakwood furniture and rattan furniture (both natural and syntethic rattan) focusing for export market worldwide.

We have many customers all over the country NBL , Lanka Bangla etc are our renowned  customers.( we need few other company name)


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